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Google Analytics configuration and data analysis

You don't have time to look at every report in Google Analytics and interpret the data yourself?

You don't know how to use your data well, and maybe you need recommendations to optimise your website?

I can do it for you!

I will set up a Google Analytics property for you, I will make sure that the data is collected correctly and I will prepare a report for you monthly, quarterly or every six months.

Google Analytics Maintenance includes:

  • Google Analytics account audit,

  • Consultation with recommendations for website optimisation ,

  • Configuration of goals, segments, audience lists that will allow you to implement the optimisation recommendations,

  • Technical consultations regarding:

    • Account settings,

    • Linking Analytics accounts with Ads, Search Console, Google Data Studio,

    • Goal configuration,

    • E-commerce configuration,

    • Remarketing configuration,

    • Configuration of custom alerts and reports.

  • Google Data Studio dashboard,

  • Monthly settlement with an invoice.

Price: 60 EUR / hour

If you haven't found the service you need, write to me or call me.

Let's talk and find out how I can help you. The conversation does not cost :)

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