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Analytics for micro-entrepreneurs - on-line course

Analytics for micro-entrepreneurs - on-line course

An intensive and tailored course for everyone who wants to use or already uses Google Analytics and wants to use their data efficiently.


Tell me if

  • Do you run your own business and don't have much time for additional studies?
  • Do you run your company website or are you responsible for "internet affairs" in a small business?
  • Don't you like spending money on specialists if you can do something on your own?
  • Before you spend a lot of money on advertising and agencies, do you want to understand what is happening on your site to work more effectively with advertising specialists?


If your answer to any of these questions is "YES" then this course is for you.


    In five modules you will learn

    • How to properly configure Google Analytics and link to Ads .
    • What conversions will be best for your business and how to create them.
    • How to configure e-commerce reporting , i.e. on-line orders.
    • How to read conversion reports, basic reports, and how to combine data into one view of audience behavior .
    • What remarketing is for and how to create audience lists relevant to your business.
    • You will learn tricks that will allow you to use your own data more effectively.

    Classes are held on-line, and you get your notes by e-mail straight to your inbox!


    • Additionally  you will get a checklist of the correct Analytics configuration - it will come in handy when someone rearranges something.
    • You will get access to the Analytics glossary on-line - constantly updated, so you will forget which dimensions were, and you will find them without any problems.

    If you want to combine knowledge  from several courses ( check the offer ), for example Tag Manager for Dummies and Analytics for micro-entrepreneurs, write or call ( contact us) - we will certainly be able to adapt my possibilities to your needs.


    Take a look at the Analytics Zone Knowledge Base and read What is Google Analytics and what can it give you? and other articles on measuring traffic on the website.


    Aleksandra Görlich, Owwwla - Your Google trainer.

    Specialist  Analytics, Tag Manager, Ads and Merchant Center tools .  Has  over three years of experience in the Google support team, she trained  teams  support in Poland , India and Malaysia , and her charges are still helping today  customers  Google. 

    I'm taking care now  spreading knowledge about Analytics in Poland and technically supporting website owners on different continents.

    Courses inZone  Analytics is her original idea based on training programs of the Google team and customer experience . Classes taking place during on-line meetings are supported by notes , additional materials and are always based on up-to-date Google documentation and real-life examples .​

    If you are still considering the course, then  Browse the Analytics Zone, read articles in the Knowledge Base and  find out  more. 

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