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GA4, or what you like about it

Are you an enthusiast? Does the new version of the operating system make your heart tremble? I bet not like the next part of Star Wars or the season of your favorite series on Netflix 馃槈 And suddenly, in October last year, a new version of Google Analytics appeared. And it's COMPLETELY NEW. And there was trembling. Trembling of anxiety. Because what's going to happen now? What to do with this? Use? Or maybe it bites? Immediately after that, there were a lot of different questions about the way this tool works. First of all, it turned out that the work is in progress and its various functions are yet to be added.

And today鈥?

The fifth month has passed since the release of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) into our hands and it is almost perfect. Various new options are still being added to it and the ones we got used to in Universal Analytics (UA) are complemented, so there is something new every week 馃槈 But I think it's a good time to summarise what GA4 is and what is not.

In this article, I will introduce you to the basics of GA4 and how it works. It is in the form of Q&A. If you are interested in a specific piece of information, just jump into it. You will also learn if it is worth setting up GA4 and why. And if you want to create your GA4, I will be happy to help you with the smooth implementation. Just contact me.


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