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GA4 property configuration - checklist

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

We already know the end date for Universal Analytics (July 1, 2023). If you collect data using this tool, you know that there is a 'deadline', which is what absolutely motivates you to take action. It's time to turn on the new version of Analytics - GA4. Ideally, at the beginning, parallel to the one used now, to get used to the new tool and how it works. It is recommended to conduct parallel data collection for at least 12 months in order to be able to compare reportingmodels. To do it start today with the correct configuration of the GA4 property. This checlist will help you. For each point, I have added a short information that allows you to understand what the setting is for.

If you don't know what GA4 is yet, check out the GA4, or what you like about it article. Then start with the checklist. You can go one by one or jump directly to the selected points:

Check if data is collected

Make sure you know how the code is implemented on your website

Make sure enhanced measurement is turned on

Set the correct time zone

Set the correct currency

Select the data retention period

Choose an attribution model (what's that?)

Decide who is to have access to the proeprty and to what extent

Configure filters

Report identity, or decide how the GA identifies individual users (no, no, no sensitive data there)

Determine your micro and macro conversions - it's crucial!

Register custom dimensions and metrics