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Why do you need e-commerce (for stores and non-stores)

This article builds on the previous topic, Why do you need conversions, in which I described the different types of conversions in general. Transactions and data collected in Analytics in e-commerce reports are of a different type.

This time, I will focus on them. Here I present the collected information and describe to whom it can be useful, because, contrary to appearances, not only standard stores can benefit from this solution.

What you'll find in this article (you can jump straight to the part you want):

E-commerce: standard vs. enhanced

What you can find in the reports that you do not have in the store

For whom e-commerce may be useful

Analytics E-commerce FAQ

E-commerce: standard vs. enhanced

Simply put, in standard e-commerce, the data is sent from the order confirmation page and concerns the completed transaction. In enhanced e-commerce, data is sent from all steps of the shopping funnel, i.e. from product pages, from adding to cart, from the checkout (sometimes in separate steps) and finally from order confirmation page.

What data is sent?

Let's look at the code that is implemented on the end of the transaction: